Our Ministries

  • Worship commences every Sunday at 9:45 am – we sing songs of praise to God and exhortation to each other, we offer prayers to God in Jesus’ name, we read from the Bible and are taught how to live in harmony with God and others, we remember Jesus’ sacrifice in taking the Lord’s Supper and we voluntarily contribute to the Lord’s work in this area.
  • Bible Classes are held  each Sunday morning and Wednesday night – we study the scriptures together to get a better understanding of God’s will for us.  Some Wednesday evenings are devoted to prayers & hymns.  Children’s classes are also held on Sundays.
  • Bible Knowledge courses are offered through the mail or on-line.
  • Macquarie School of Biblical Studies – This school is operated by the Macquarie congregation of the church of Christ and our preacher is one of the schools teachers –  students are trained in Bible knowledge and church leadership with the view to providing men who can preach the gospel effectively.
  • We support financially  the ministry of Vani Igo, preacher based at the Cairns Church of Christ.  He regularly travels to Papua New Guinea (his birth place)  and Fiji to conduct missionary work teaching and converting people to Jesus.  He also teaches at other congregations of the church in Northern Queensland
  • Advertising in various forms are used to interest others in knowing more about Jesus and pursuing a relationship with God built solely on God’s will for us as revealed in the Bible.
  • Youtube – Sermons are uploaded to this website each week for you to view at times suitable to you
  • Zoom – Some of our studies are conducted by video conferencing
  • www.biblebytes.org.au  is an internet based outreach program designed to answer common questions that might be asked concerning Bible matters and presented in a brief “easy-2-read” format.