About Us

Welcome to the website of the church of Christ– Bankstown Region.

We are a small group of Christians who came to the conclusion that if we were going to be acceptable to God, the wisest way to do it would be to do it God’s way.  We are just ordinary people who love God and have seen that the instructions given in the Bible as to how to live at peace with God and in harmony with each other are often different to the beliefs and practices of the huge number of churches that profess Christianity.

On reading the Bible we find no mention of Denominations, and in fact such division is strongly condemned by the New Testament.  What causes these divisions that we see in the Christian world?  Quite simply the divisions have arisen because each denomination has differing beliefs, practices and names.  And many of those beliefs, practices and names are in conflict with or additional to, the Bible facts.

Jesus prayed for the unity of His believers.  It is hard to imagine that the Son of God would pray for something that was not possible.  Therefore we must conclude that true unity is not only desirable but essential if we want to be pleasing to God.

What would you find if you were to visit our meetings?  You would find us called only by names such as those found in the new Testament, church of Christ, church of God, Christians, saints (amongst a number of Bible terms). You would find our ministers do not wear any special, distinctive clothing nor are they called by any special titles – we are all one in Christ.  You would find we sing praises to God without instrumental music (other than the instrument of our hearts).  You would find that we pray to God the Father through the name of Jesus. Every first day of the week we take of the bread and grape juice of the Lord’s Supper, we contribute voluntarily of our incomes for the needs of the church and its outreach, we read from the scriptures and are taught lessons from the Bible – all just like what happened in the Lord’s church when it began in the first century.  In fact to say it in just a few words, our aim is to return to the worship and practices of the first century church – obviously with the exception of the practices and beliefs that were spoken against by God’s apostles and ministers.

If you would like to discover more about restoring the simplicity and sincerity of the original pattern for the church that Jesus built we would love to talk with you.

Though God’s ways are not man’s ways, it seems only reasonable that God’s ways for His church are the ones we should follow rather than the ways of man.

Mark 7:7 says “In vain they worship me, teaching as doctrines the commandments of men”.

God’s Way – the only Way!